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 20 WordPress Statistics To Keep In Mind in 2023

20 WordPress Statistics To Keep In Mind in 2023

WordPress is the most powerful CMS that powers millions of websites on the internet. The platform needs no introduction as many people and businesses consider it to be their go-to platform for building websites. In our WordPress statistics blog article, we will dive deep into the platform and see its latest trend, security threats, number of users, plugins, and themes. 

Whether you’re a blogger, business owner, or developer, this blog will provide valuable insight to help you improve your WordPress knowledge and understand the true capability of the platform. We hope you enjoy the stats. 

Note: In this article, WordPress means wordpress.org

Our Editor’s Peak For WordPress Stats In 2023

  • WordPress was created in 2003 by American blogger Matt Mullenweg and British blogger Mike Little. 
  • WordPress powers 43% of all sites on the Internet. 
  • WordPress currently powers over 800 million websites. 
  • WooComerce is used by over 20% of WordPress users. 
  • There are over 30,000 themes in WordPress. 
  • WordPress has over 55,000 plugins on its platform. 
  • Yoast SEO is the most popular plugin in the WordPress directory. 
  • WordPress has been the fastest-growing CMS for the past 12 years. 
  • WordPress has over 60% of the market share in the CMS market. 
  • About 61.8% of WordPress users use version 6 for their site. 

Now, let’s dive deep into WordPress statistics and find out the history, current user base, plugins, and more about the platform. 

1. WordPress Was Launched In 2003. 

 WordPress was first launched on May 27, 2003. It was created by Matt Mullenweg and Mile Little as a free and open-source content management system (CMS) for creating websites. The first version of WordPress was received well by the community and contain a simple user interface and template. 

2. Automattic Is Worth Over $3 billion. 

The company behind WordPress, WooCommerce, Gravatar, and Tumbler is worth $3 billion. The company is dedicated to building a simpler web development interface and foundation for content creators. 

3. Automattic Is Home To Over 2000 Employees. 

The company behind WordPress, Automattic is the job location for 2029 employees. The employees are distributed all around the world working in different departments, locations, and time zones. 

4. WordPress Powers 43% Of All Sites On The internet. 

The CMS platform powers over one-third of all websites on the internet. WordPress reigns supreme in the CMS market with 65% of the market share. Joomla comes in second position with a 4.6% market share and powers 2.6% of sites on the internet. 

5. WordPress Has Been The Fastest-growing CMS For The Past 12 Years.

WordPress has been the fastest-growing CMS in the last 10-12 years. Back in 2013, the CMS powered 17.4% of websites. The number reached 25.6% in 2016, 35.4% in 2020, and ultimately reached 43% in 2022. 

6. Over 14% Of The Top 100 Websites are Powered By WordPress. 

WordPress is trusted by some of the biggest names in the world like BBC, Disney, Sony Music, Etsy, and others. About 14.7% of the top 100 websites, 33.71% of the top million websites, and 38.03% of the top 1000 websites are powered by WordPress. 

7. Over 660 WordPress Websites Are Created Daily.

The WordPress community is growing rapidly. About 661 websites are created daily on WordPress which translates to 27 websites per hour, 19,830 websites per month, and 237,960 sites per year. 

8. You Can Translate Your Website Into 160 Languages. 

WordPress is a go-to platform for businesses all around the world. About 44.5% of websites are using the English language, 6.1% are using the Spanish language, 5.7% are using the German language, and 5.7% are using Japanese language. The platform also comes with 65 preinstalled languages. 

9. There Are Over 60K Plugins On WordPress. 

The popularity of plugins has increased rapidly in the past couple of years. As of writing this WordPress statistics article, there are 60,091 plugins available on the platform. Furthermore, you can easily create and upload your plugin for free on the platform. 

Yoast SEO, WooCommerce, and Contact Form 7 are some of the most popular plugins in the world. Yoast SEO has been downloaded over 350 million times and is ahead of the All In One SEO plugin. The easy-to-use interface and intuitiveness make Yoast an obvious choice for millions of websites. 

11. WordPress Is Home To Over 30,000 themes. 

Themes are a great way to customize your website. As of writing this article, there are 31,010 themes. If you don’t have a budget to spare on a premium theme, you can choose from thousands of free themes. The average price of a premium theme in WordPress is $77.57. 

12. Version 6 Of WordPress Is Used By Over 60% Of Websites. 

The latest version of WordPress is used by 61.8% of websites. Surprisingly, 6.7% of websites have not updated their site from version 4. About 30.9% of websites are using version 5 of WordPress. 

13. WooCommerce Is Used By 20% Of All WordPress Websites. 

WooCommerce is the leading ecommerce platform in the world that powers 13% of all ecommerce sites in the world. In the WordPress platform, WooCommerce s used by 20% of all WordPress websites followed closely by Elementor with 18.3%.

 14. WordPress Drove Global Revenue To Over $590 Billion In 2020. 

The global WordPress economy is staggering. According to a study conducted in 2021, the WordPress economy was estimated at $596.7 billion, and the number is expected to reach $636 billion by the end of 2021.

15. Only 0.58% Of WordPress Vulnerabilities Are From WordPress Core. 

The biggest security threat for WordPress comes from plugins and themes. About 90% of vulnerabilities on WordPress come from plugin vulnerabilities. Furthermore, about 75% of attacks came through third-party plugins. 

16. 90% Of Hacked Websites In 2018 Were Powered By WordPress.

Despite being the most popular CMS, WordPress is never free from attackers. In 2018, 90% of all hacked websites on the internet were powered by WordPress which was 7% higher than that in 2017. Backdoors, Malware, and SEO spam were the three techniques attacker used to penetrate WordPress websites. 

17. 52% Of Vulnerabilities In Plugins Were Due To Cross-site Scripting Flaws.

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) was the most popular vulnerability that accounted for 52% of all attacks. CSRF accounted for 16%, SQL injection for 13%, access control for 12%, and file upload for 7% of attacks in the WordPress platform. 

18. WordPress.com Users Publish 26 Blogs Per Second. 

We have discussed WordPress as an open-source platform but now let’s talk about WordPress as a blogging platform. Users publish 70 million blogs per month which comes to 1600 blogs per minute, 96,000 per hour, and 2,304,000 per day. 

19. Users Visit Over 20 Billion Pages Per Month on WordPress.com. 

WordPress.com is still the king when it comes to blogging. About 409 million people visit 20 billion pages each month. About 163 million unique visitors are recorded by the platform each month. 

20. Above 70% Of The Content On WordPress.com Is Written In English. 

Unsurprisingly, English is the most popular language on the blogging platform with 71% of content written in the language. Spanish comes in the second position with 4,7%, followed closely by Indonesia at 2.4%. Only 1% of content written on WordPress are Italian. 

WordPress has rapidly evolved in the past couple of decades. The platform is home to millions of websites all around the world. We hope our WordPress statistics helped you understand the platform better and learn the latest trends. 

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