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Branding, how to stand out amongst your competition

No matter what sector you operate in, you need customers who keep coming back for more. One-time purchases may be great, but what you really need are repeat customers. With the cost of attracting new customers being substantially higher than retaining current ones, working on your brand can bring an increase in customer loyalty.

Getting your brand message right can see you building strong relationships with your customers. Relationships that last. You don’t have to be over the top, or even in people’s faces, to share your story: minimalist branding is the key. Let’s take a look at how you can really benefit from this. 

Show that you’re human

It is all too easy to sit behind a screen, get a website up and running, and think that’s job done. The problem is that businesses often forget that their customers are real people and, as the old saying goes, people buy from people.

With minimalist branding, it is easy for your business to show its human side. Take a look at these simple steps:

  • Add team photos to show the people behind the brand
  • Look into using live chat so that you can communicate in an instant, and in real-time
  • Use everyday language and steer clear of any jargon

Reap the rewards from social proof

While we are all individuals and capable of forming our own opinions, there is another side to us. One that is almost a little “sheep esque’! As humans, we will follow the crowd and conform to a group’s actions and attitudes. Displaying social proof builds trust in our brand, retains customers, and even attracts new ones. To tap into these benefits, consider:

  • Allowing customer reviews to be shown. It may be tempting to disable to avoid any negative comments, but this only loses trust
  • Be loud and proud when it comes to customer testimonials 
  • Show off your industry qualifications to show your business as the expert

Make your marketing campaigns personal

With Generation Z set to become the biggest purchasers in the world, it is worth knowing what its members want. For a brand to appeal to them, they expect it to know them and personalise what is offered. Effective ways to win here include:

  • Review, and segment, your email list
  • Make your on-site experience a personal one with recommendations based on previous purchases and browsing history
  • Recommend complementary products just before checkout

Outstanding customer service 

Sometimes, when looking at minimalist branding, it is about getting back to basics. Your customers want to be treated well and to feel that they are valued. Offering exceptional customer service can go a long way towards boosting your brand and keeping customers loyal. Some things that you may consider include:

  • Training your team in customer service
  • Offering numerous contact methods 
  • Reducing the time that it takes to reply to email enquiries 

You may have a website that looks amazing. It may be up, live, and attracting substantial traffic. What happens when a plugin needs an update? Where do you turn when the theme may need tweaking? Websites are rarely a one-off project: they require tinkering with and updating one on a regular basis.

A professional web designer should have the ability to keep your site up to date. If this is not a service that they offer then they should at least be able to recommend a professional that can assist.

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If you’re looking for a professional web designer that can take you all of the way through the process, and provide outstanding results, then iClickSee can help. As a digital agency in London, we have the expertise to provide just what you are looking for. Why not get in touch and see how we can help?

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We simplify the process of building robust web and mobile application solutions to help launch, scale, and invigorate businesses of all sizes.

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