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The hunt for a great web development partner

If you’re on the hunt for a professional web designer, do you know what you need to be looking for? A quick Google search will bring you literally millions of results all showing companies who are keen to take your money. Whether you’re approaching a one-man-band or a professional digital agency in London, you need to be sure that you’re getting the best in design and the best value for money.  Here’s what you need to be looking for.

A stunning portfolio

A digital agency in London would be able to provide you with access to an extensive portfolio of its work. The same should be true of any professional web designer. Before you look at committing any funds, check out what they’ve done before.

Have they produced work that catches your eye? Can you get a feel for how they work and their levels of creativity? Do the examples seem to be stuck in the 1990s? Take the time to review as much as you can before proceeding any further.

Ask yourself this. Does it stand out?

How will my site be maintained?

You may have a website that looks amazing. It may be up, live, and attracting substantial traffic. What happens when a plugin needs an update? Where do you turn when the theme may need tweaking? Websites are rarely a one-off project: they require tinkering with and updating one on a regular basis.

A professional web designer should have the ability to keep your site up to date. If this is not a service that they offer then they should at least be able to recommend a professional that can assist.

Revisions and changes

A professional web designer should be willing to make revisions and changes in the early days. Ideally, this should be part of the initial cost and should allow sufficient changes to get the site where you want it. However, what happens, if say, 2 years down the line you want an updated look?

Make sure you are clear on what it may cost to go back down the line but bear in mind that prices tend to only go one way over time. It could be that you explore a digital agency in London at a later date to provide a new design and feel to your site.

Design vs develop

The job of a professional web designer is, as the name suggests, to design a site. They will not necessarily go beyond the design stage. In many cases, a designer will work hand in hand with a developer who will get your site coded and up and running. Where this isn’t the case, you may be left with a mock-up and the need to find a developer your own.

Be sure that you’re clear from the start where you stand with this. be certain exactly what the charges will cover. 

Get in touch

If you’re looking for a professional web designer that can take you all of the way through the process, and provide outstanding results, then iClickSee can help. As a digital agency in London, we have the expertise to provide just what you are looking for. Why not get in touch and see how we can help?

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We simplify the process of building robust web and mobile application solutions to help launch, scale, and invigorate businesses of all sizes.

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