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The first 5 seconds of your website is like your business’s tinder profile.

Is your client swiping left or right?

Your website is the gateway to your business. The way that your customers find you and discover all that you have to offer. The problem faced by many business owners is that Google has become a little like dating: there always seem to be a growing number of members who are looking to outdo you and come across as more attractive.

By utilising the skills of a digital agency, you can soon see your site garnering the love and attention that it deserves. You work hard to get that first click, now let’s take a look a look at how to hold your visitors’ interest. 

Site speed matters

If you work with a digital agency, they will tell you that a slow-loading website is one of the biggest turn-offs for users. From that initial click, if your site hasn’t loaded within 4-5 seconds then you’ll see your visitor leave, never to return.

As the user experience is so important, Google also considers the speed of a site as a ranking factor. Slow loading sites will fall down the rankings and see fewer visits. 

Imagery matters

Your website visitors want something attractive to look at when they land on your site. Just as with Tinder, if they see something that doesn’t really appeal they’ll be running to the hills. Think about the imagery that your website has and how it adds to the overall aesthetics.

The use of images will also have an impact on your site speed. Ensure that they are optimised so that they don’t cause issues with loading speeds. 

Is it clear what your business has to offer?

Can a visitor see within the first five seconds what you are all about? These first few seconds are when they are deciding whether to stay or go. You need to find a way to communicate, quickly, what your business is all about and the product/service that it offers.

Studies show that a visitor will typically look at the top left-hand corner of a website first. An attractive logo, along with a great tagline, could make the difference between a left or right swipe.

Are you addressing a problem?

Your visitors are on your site to find a solution to a problem. They have clicked because your headline and metadata have suggested that you hold that solution. As they arrive at your site, you need to be able to quickly communicate that this is the case. 

Tap into emotions 

If you want visitors to explore your site further, and to go ahead and make a purchase, you need to tap into their emotions. A digital agency, can explain how to use colours to do this effectively, but you also need to consider your choice of words and how this plays to your visitors’ emotions.

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We simplify the process of building robust web and mobile application solutions to help launch, scale, and invigorate businesses of all sizes.

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